Aegirs Klo Clan

San Diego's clan of lukoi. The name translates roughly to 'claw of the sea'.


Name Rank
Mina O'Connor Ulfric
John Rollins Geri
Babd Delius Freki
Mel O'Connell Hati



The pack's business interests are primarily those of its Ulfric. The nightclub Eclipse is first and foremost of these, and caters primarily to lycanthrope clientele. Mina's security company, Wolfe Security Co., employees many of the more physically imposing pack members, as well as those of other clans. Because Mina assumed ownership upon gaining her majority, An Chaislean is also considered a pack business - however both employees and clientele are human, and Mina has stipulated in her will that the pub will pass to her sisters (to be equally shared) - this is the only property she owns that she has exempted from the line of inheritance to the next Ulfric, and taken legal measures to protect.


Twenty-two acres of prime La Jolla real estate make up the pack's property, centered around an impressive main house. Although owned by the Ulfric, there are rooms available for many pack members to live here if needed. Some wolves do live on their own, however.


Most of the pack's hunting is done on their twenty-two acre plot. Their lupanar is connected to the property via a long cave, and the site itself is a spacious cavern, curved and twisted to be all but inaccessible from the water, especially depending on the tide. The cave stretches back a considerable distance into the mainland, providing ample room for the pack to gather. The remains of deceased pack members have long been laid rest in pools where the cave floor opens to the sea.


The Aegirs Klo Clan is the oldest lycanthrope clan in San Diego.

A few years ago, a sorcerer came to San Diego, and kidnapped a wereleopard under the protection of the pack. Although the pack eventually rescued him, the sorcerer had tortured him first. Mina later worked to hunt the sorcerer down, having a run-in with RPIT as a wolf when she did. She and the vargamor tracked the sorcerer to a warehouse, but it was a trap, and the resulting explosion severely injured Mina and many of the police. In the aftermath, she was spirited away from the scene by the pack, but the pack and RPIT have been on shaky ground ever since.

Soon after that incident, the pack's vargamor came under attack. She eventually testified against those who had attacked her, and later faked her death, disappearing into Witness Protection. The pack believed she died.

Much more recently, the young son (Jamie) of a pack member was kidnapped by a pack member's lycanthrope-hunting brother, Xander. The pack tracked him down, but not before he let a rogue werewolf attack the boy. Jamie survived, but was infected just before the pack burst in to rescue him. The pack then took Xander prisoner, and the next full moon he was hunted. Rather than killing him, however, Mina infected him, and he is now one of them.