Gelo Nero Clan

San Diego's clan of pard. The name translates roughly to 'Black Frost'.


Name Rank
Anthony Morrison Nimir-Raj
Izzah Lei Unranked
Marty Shipley Unranked



A former Nimir-Ra founded Gin Coaw, the pard's Thai restaurant. More recently, the clan has opened The Cat's Meow, a tropically-themed karaoke bar.


The pard's mansion is in a secluded area of Poway. There are plenty of rooms, allowing many of the pard to live with their Nimir-Raj.


Outside and around the mansion is a large amount of space and canyon land. These areas are open to pard hunting, challenging, and play.


Recently, the pard was drawn into the vampire war for the city, when the invading master called and marked their Nimir-Ra. However, in the end she chose to side with the Master of the City, and helped him defeat the challenger.