Oriens Astrum Clan

San Diego's clan of werelions. The name translates roughly to 'Eastern Star'.


Name Rank
TJ Vanderbilt Rex
Ashanti Pride Unranked
James Vanderbilt Unranked
Sam Hill Unranked



The lions have long operated Loud and Proud, a music and entertainment store. With the arrival of the new Rex, the law firm TJV Inc. has become a pride asset, with more to come as TJ expands his interests in San Diego.


Under the direction of their new Rex, the pride has recently moved into a sprawling mansion in Rancho Santa Fe. The main house holds nine bedrooms, a home theatre, and four fireplaces, and there is also a two-bedroom guest house. An underground path leads to the underground pool and a two-lane bowling alley and game room, while above ground a Roman spa, another pool, a barbecue, and a tennis court can be found. There's also a sizable gym (including a boxing ring) and a 15-car garage full of the Rex's prized possessions, but still with enough space for the rest of the Pride's vehicles.


The sprawling Mediterranean-style estate rests on eight acres, fully enclosed by a two-story stone wall and accessibly via only two electronic gates. The Rex has paid handsomely to secure a "no-fly-zone" over the property, so to put it simply, none of the Pride need worry about any of the goings on in their home or on their lands ever being made public knowledge.


The pride has been frequently plagued by trouble from outsiders, and out of all the clans has suffered the most public backlash because of it.

A pyrokinetic known as Adam tortured and took hostage many in the pride before he was killed by the former Rex, Dante.

The beginning of the pride's public troubles came when a rogue lion came to town and began murdering innocents. The attacks culminated in a combination bomb threat and sniper attack at Point Loma Nazarene University. The then Regina, Adriana Wesson, was outed as a werelion when she went after the sniper. This made her position as a member of RPIT subject to question, and left RPIT with a few ties to the pride.

Most recently, during the vampire war for the city, the invading master's lioness pomme de sang, Ashanti, left a murdered wererat in Balboa Park. As far as the police are concerned, the murderer remains at large - the news has done nothing to reassure the humans of the city.