The Regional Preternatural Investigative Taskforce, generally pronounced "rip-it". If there is any chance that there may be preternatural involvement in a crime, RPIT is called in to investigate. Vampires are forbidden from serving on the force, and any lycanthropes on the force are carefully closeted to avoid discrimination, however some witches and psychics are occasionally permitted openly on the force.

Table of Contents

The Squad

Name Position
- Lieutnant
Jesse James Federal Marshal/Executioner
- Detective-Sergeant
Darling Cruel Detective
Mel O'Connell Detective
William Woodring Detective
- Officer
Allegra Sinclair Forensics


San Diego's RPIT is based out of downtown San Diego, at the San Diego Police Department. They have access to SDPD's forensics lab, and also have their own special cell block - the cells are windowless, and the bars are a titanium alloy coated with silver.


RPIT gained a lot of media attention when Detective Adriana Wesson was outed during a showdown with the PLNU sniper, also a werelion. Due to her heroism, the department kept her on the force, but until her early retirement the force itself was largely divided on the issue.

Although historically the department has been underfunded, the department recently received a large sum from private donations, allowing them to build their new cell block.