San Diego Kiss

San Diego's clan of vampires.


Name Rank
Cingualan Master of the City
Edmond Ashcroft Unranked
Evie Cavanaugh Unranked



Le Théâtre Noir is the central business of the kiss, hosting numerous performances functioning as the primary public face of the vampires. They also run The Blood Den, an exclusive cocktail bar catering to preternaturals and those with something of a preternatural fetish, and Sideshow, a popular goth club.


The entire kiss lives in the lairs beneath Le Théâtre Noir, stone catacombs with enough space for every vampire to have their own room (each with an identical coffin).


Compared to many of the lycanthrope clans, the San Diego kiss is relatively new. Few masters have called the city their own.

Most recently, the vampire Domenico attempted to take the city from Cingualan. However, his attack was thwarted, he himself was slain, and the city's power structure stabilized.