Saqita Bouda Clan

San Diego's clan of werehyenas. The name translates roughly to 'Person who laughs a lot with the ability to turn into a hyena'.


Name Rank
Codi Moore Oba
Jason Campbell Iÿan



The cackle's businesses tend toward the sensual. They own two clubs. The dance club, The Vale, features rock music and caters to the younger crowd. Moonlight Desires, on the other hand, is a strip club, which occasionally features fetish nights.


A two-story farmhouse in Harbison Canyon passes from one Oba to the next. There are spare bedrooms for any hyenas who need a place to stay.


The Oba's property contains a secluded canyon, and the cackle hunts mule deer here and at the nearby Crestridge Ecological Reserve. All clan initiations and rites take place in the rock den within the canyon.