Shapeshifters are any of a number of species that can change the shape of their body from human to animal. The most common of these are lycanthropes, however there are non-lunar species of shapeshifter, and some witches have been known to shapeshift via spells.

Lunar Shapeshifters

Lunar shapeshifters are better known as lycanthropes. They carry the disease lycanthropy, and their shapeshifting is tied to the phases of the moon. Lycanthropes are characterized by superhuman speed and strength, and an immunity to both poisons and other diseases. They live in territorial clans based around urban centers.


Cursed/Inherited Shapeshifters

Cursed shapeshifters were either directly cursed by a witch or born from a cursed line (possibly the origin of all inherited shapeshifting). Unlike lycanthropes, these shapeshifters are not tied to the lunar cycle, though they do tend to reside in groups.