Welcome to Lukoi, the Wiki!

Lukoi is an Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter RPG that has been running for more than 8 years! Now in its seventh incarnation, Lukoi welcomes players of all levels. No word count, and no previous knowledge of the books is required. For those unfamiliar with the Anita Blake novels, Lukoi is set in what is typically called the Anitaverse - our modern world, except that many preternatural creatures co-exist with us somewhat openly.

Here's what you need to know. This isn't the type of world where vampires and werewolves are believed to be myths. Vampires are legally recognized citizens of the United States - and you can even sign up to become one by joining the Church of Eternal Life. There is a vaccine for lycanthropy - though admittedly it has mixed results. Preternatural creatures aren't anything new, either. This isn't like the world of True Blood, where there was some grand revelation. People have known about the things that go bump in the night for as long as we can remember, even if they may not have met one face to face.

San Diego itself is no small town - at a population of just under 1.5 million, it is the 8th-largest city in the United States. It is home to numerous lycanthrope clans, though the oldest (and largest) of these clans is the werewolf pack. These clans keep out of the spotlight as much as possible, and thus far universally abide by a rule of secrecy, as much as they can. Then there's the vampire kiss, which has steadily grown in power, although of course always with the utmost discretion. The supernatural community does its best to police itself, but the clans aren't unified, and sometimes things get out of hand. When that spills over into the human world, the Regional Preternatural Investigation Taskforce (RPIT) gets involved… and things get complicated.

In some respects, Lukoi is just your average city life roleplay… except most of the citizens are a little more than human. There is no overarching plot, there aren't two sides fighting against each other - there are just a bunch of people trying to figure out how to balance the supernatural world and the human world. Every species has its own strengths and weaknesses - and the focus here is on how your character interacts with this world… and the other characters in it. This isn't to say that there are never any major events. As with any city, sometimes things happen, and everyone needs to respond to that happening. Our plotting focus, though, is based more on internal stimuli than external. There's plenty of prejudice and secrecy to keep things juicy - consider this a chance to look for the humanity in the monster, and the monstrosity in the human.

If that sounds like your kind of game, why not come check us out!